Ubuntu Cursor Pack for XP

July 7, 2008

Here it is my best cursor pack!

Cursors are exactly like Linux Ubuntu`s!

They are perfect!

It`s absolutely free to use!


Download free from HERE

After download, unpack it (it is .rar archive) and run info.exe (it`s made by me too)


Resident Evil 4

July 5, 2008

Score 7.8 (good)

The Good

  • Exciting action sequences pit you against awesome enemies and fearsome bosses
  • character models and environments look sharp and realistic
  • superb sound design keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Bad

  • Controller required, thanks to complete lack of mouse support and mediocre keyboard controls
  • blurry cutscenes and other visual issues detract from the spooky ambiance.

In 2005, Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo GameCube was rightfully lauded as one of the best action adventure games ever released, thanks to stunning visuals and white-knuckle action sequences that ranked amongst the best in gaming. Later that year, PlayStation 2 owners were blessed with their own version of the game, featuring more missions and some other unlockable goodies. And now you can play Resident Evil 4 on your PC for a mere $20. It’s too bad that PC gamers have been inflicted with a lazy port that does as little as possible to cater to the platform. Forget mouse support, forget tailoring the visuals to your own preferences, and don’t even think about any PC-only goodies: this is a direct transfer of the PlayStation 2 version. If you can get past all these problems, RE4 is still an intense, thrilling ride that will keep your heart pounding. But if you still haven’t played Resident Evil 4, this version should be your last resort.

In case you haven’t gotten wind of what the game is all about, you play as Leon S. Kennedy, a secret agent in charge of recovering the president’s kidnapped daughter. His search leads to a creepy Spanish village where the residents are, well, not quite lucid. The story drops the occasional cliché, but for the most part, it avoids the usual horror pratfalls to deliver an interesting and intense narrative with a number of fascinating characters. It’s also genuinely creepy, leading you through abandoned farmhouses, dank churches, and dripping caves, all the while throwing progressively weirder and stronger enemies at you. Like the PS2 version, it also includes a side story called Separate Ways, where you take control of spy Ada Wong and explore some of the same storyline from her perspective.

The success of a survival horror game has a lot to do with its atmosphere, and this version of Resident Evil 4 features plenty of it. But that isn’t to say that it looks superior to the GameCube and PS2 versions. Character models and environments are beautifully designed. They were also obviously created with deliberate care and detail. Of particular note are the boss characters, which get more vulgar and imposing as you progress. But a lot of ambiance has been lost in the translation. Because the grainy fog is gone, everything looks clearer but less sinister than before. It also means that you notice a lot of low-resolution textures that greatly contrast with the more remarkable aspects of the visuals. However, the cutscenes are the biggest graphical drawback. While the GameCube version of the game rendered the cinematics in real time, this one borrows the prerendered scenes from the PS2. They are blurry and badly compressed on the PC, as well as a little unsightly. Additionally, you cannot tailor any visual settings, aside from the display resolution.

Thankfully, the audio doesn’t suffer much, if at all. Resident Evil 4 is a sonic spookfest, from the creepy minimalist soundtrack to the outstanding weapon effects. In fact, the most memorable aspects of the game are accompanied by equally thrilling audio, such as the roar of the gigantic bosses or the disturbing murmurs of villagers as they infiltrate your personal space. For what it’s worth, Pro-Logic II technology is supported while true Dolby 5.1 is not, yet it’s not likely to impact your experience much, particularly if you use a decent set of speakers.

The biggest oversight amongst all these porting issues is that of controls. Resident Evil 4 doesn’t support mouse controls, though it does offer a mildly clumsy keyboard-only scheme. Plenty of console-centric games play better with a gamepad, but there wasn’t even an attempt to implement decent PC controls here. To experience the game the way it’s meant to be played, you need to plug in a gamepad. Whichever method you choose, the controls present an issue during the famous context-sensitive moments that require a few split-second button presses. If you end up using the keyboard controls, make sure to memorize which key is button 1, which key is button 2, and so on. The same issue exists with a controller, though it’s a bit easier to get the button presses right because the in-game diagrams are tailored toward gamepad users.

Once you get past all these issues and plug in your controller, you’ll find this is the same Resident Evil 4 that multitudes of players have grown to appreciate. It’s a carefully paced, often breathtaking action game that keeps you on the edge of your seat with lumbering almost-zombies, chanting cultists, and challenging fights against gargantuan bosses. You view the action from a third-person view, and when you ready a weapon, the camera zooms in close. Once you’ve drawn your weapon, you can’t move, but you can aim. It all feels very deliberate, but it’s perfectly countered by the measured speed at which your enemies approach you. However, you shouldn’t take this to mean that the action is any less exciting than in a traditional shooter. These are dangerous foes, and you’ve got to pump them full of lead before they fall.

The fundamental combat is where the game shines most. Your arsenal consists of pistols, shotguns, rifles and more, with every weapon producing credible results. Popping pitchfork-wielding villagers will cause them to drop their weapons. Or you can shoot them in the knees to make them momentarily fall to the ground. Because ammunition is not terribly plentiful, being able to handle a crowd of shambling psychopaths with as few shots as possible is a main priority. You’ve always got a knife as a last resort, but unless you want to take a chunk of damage, it’s better to keep your distance.

Contextual actions also contribute to the general sense of urgency. Don’t expect to sit back and snooze during the cutscenes because many of them require interaction in the form of a couple of button presses. If you’re sleeping at the wheel, Leon will be crushed by a boulder or strangled by a hulking foe, and you’ll be treated to a game-over screen. Other context-sensitive actions allow you to jump from a window, catch a companion from above, use a grappling hook, and more, depending on the onscreen action.

There’s a lot of gameplay to be had here, with close to 30 hours of high-quality action and a few good reasons to head back once you’re done. It’s a shame that the PC got shafted with such a lazy port. It’s also hard not to wonder why Capcom and Ubisoft even bothered with it. The PS2 version is unchanged in the sloppy transition to PC, so if you have no other way of experiencing Resident Evil 4 and own a gamepad, the core gameplay and budget price are enough reason to pick it up. Otherwise, pick up a different version and hope that the developers show a little more respect for the platform next time around.

Free PS3, XboX or Other Game Consoles

June 30, 2008

Yes! Now it`s possible!

  • XBOX 360 Fully Loaded (need 9referals)
  • XBOX Elite (need 11referals)
  • Nintendo Wii (need 8referals)
  • 40 Gb Sony PlayStation 3 (10referals)

You only need to join with the link, I posted 🙂

The other instructions are @ the site!


Register (free) HERE

*you must be at least 13year old!

Ten Tools to Make Windows Shine

June 29, 2008

Are you worried about malware and spyware plaguing your system? I have a cool, free tool that gives you an extra layer of defense when you’re Web surfing. I also have two free utilities that can lock up and hide your sensitive folders and keep them from prying eyes. Plus, for readers who didn’t like my earlier tip for disabling the Insert key, I offer a nifty program to watch your Insert, Caps Lock, and Num Lock keys.

Hide and Encrypt Files and Folders

The Hassle: I have files–documents and videos–on both my desktop PC and my notebook that I’d like to keep private. Do you know of a sure way to do it?

Free Hide Folder; click to view full-size image.

The Fix: If you just want to tuck away one or a few folders, use Free Hide Folder. This menu-driven and password-protected tool creates obscurely named, hidden folders to hold your private data. But it isn’t secure: Directory Opus, an ordinary file manager, displayed the hidden folder when I tried it. And if someone on your machine searches for a file name in the folder (or even part of the file name, such as *.jpg), they can find the files and their locations. If you want to keep your folders hidden and secured, use TrueCrypt. A free, powerful tool, it creates an encrypted volume that you use as you would any other drive–but only you can access the files. To avoid losing your data, it’s essential that you read the tutorial.

More Insert-Key Madness

The Hassle: Bad news, Bass. I strongly disagree with your tip to disable the Insert key [see “More Quick Fixes for Common Windows Annoyances” for details]. I use Insert often when filling in text over a form in Word, to prevent the rest of the line from moving to the right. My gripe is with Windows: It doesn’t indicate whether I’m in insert or overwrite mode. So how about a tweak to show when the Insert key is enabled?

The Fix: Download DK:Keyboard, and you’ll see the status of the Insert, Caps Lock, and Num Lock keys in a system-tray balloon pop-up. Unzip the file and drag the executable to the Startup group. If you’d rather keep tabs on your Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys, use Vasilios’s NumCapsScroll Indicator. Both tools are free.

Free iPhone

June 28, 2008

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We offer two methods to obtain your free gift. points and referrals

With a points account, you obtain your free gift by obtaining credits through trying our advertisers offers. Upon fulfilling the requirements of each offer, you will receive the advertised point amount for that advertiser. Once you have accumulated enough points for your desired item, you may place your order and your chosen item will be sent to you! The full item and shipping costs are covered by your earned points and you will never receive a bill, invoice, or charge from us for your item or shipping cost (Please review the advertiser registration terms to determine any recurring service(s) regarding your account with them).

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There are no further requirements with our site (please review the advertiser registration terms to determine any recurring service(s) regarding your account with them) and you are not required to return the item to us at any time.

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MicroXP v0.8

June 28, 2008

Microsoft Windows MicroXP v0.8 – eXPerience

This installation takes only 4 Minutes 20 seconds.
Whats more – you can use 99% of the programs you always use and up to now there is not one single report of any game not working in MicroXP.
This install includes default XP drivers for Ethernet/Sound/SCSI/RAID
It has all languages kept, except Chinese/Japanese/Korean.
It has all keyboard layout choices kept.
It also has Service Pack 3 final slipstreamed into it.
[Services Remaining In Windows]
Cryptographic Services
DCOM Server Process Launcher
DHCP Client
Event Log
Logical Disk Manager
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
Network Connections
Plug and Play
Print Spooler
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Remote Access Connection Manager
Remote Procedure Call
Windows Audio
Windows Installer
Wireless Zero Configuration
All these services are enabled except “Print Spooler” which you will need to enable in “services.msc”.
To use the functionality you need, for example: a printer, just click the green square icon near the start button.
There you can double click the service you need to use and even a novice user can now read the service descriptions and decide what to enable and what to keep disabled.
For example if you have a Dial-Up connection (for example: ADSL Broadband) then it says “Dial-Up Connection” in the services as opposed to the long and overly technical descriptions put in by Microsoft by default.
The services window can be set so you can see all service names and all columns in the services window are fully visible. Just click “Standard” at the bottom and double click all the columns
at the top where the top row joins the columns. When you install some programs, they might put a new service in and add their own long and overly technical descriptions, nevermind, its nice whilst it lasts.
[eXPerience Desktop Folder Contents]
Desktop Icon Layout (Lets you save your desktop icon layout)
Driver Install Tool (Easily install all your drivers, see ReadMe)
Keyboard Settings (Quick access to Regional and Language options)
Registry Backup (Make a complete backup of the registry in one click)
Services Config (Files to enable and disable functionality)
Web Browser (Browzar, to download a full browser of YOUR choice)
Windows Media Player 11 (This is just a readme file about WMP11)
This is a greatly reduced installation of Windows XP Professional SP3
Please read these notes BEFORE using this edition of Windows:
* * * * * * * * * * * *
No local networking is possible. The “Network Connections” service has been kept in this edition of Windows to stop errors when installing Ethernet card or modem drivers. The “Network Connections” service is not there to support LAN networking. You can of course just try to plug another computer into your MicroXP computer, but networking in this way is not guaranteed to work, because the related services for this are removed (Computer Browser and Workstation).
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You cannot add any additional users. Do not try to add more users, otherwise your main account that is used by default (Administrator) will become the new account and after logging in, you will not have any desktop theme (not even Classic) and the whole account will be ruined. You’ll probably have to install Windows again because if you make a new account it replaces Administrator” and tries to log you in with “Default User” – the problem with this is – there is no “Default User” anymore.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You cannot use these devices in this version of Windows, because the “Windows Image Acquisition” service is removed.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
There is no “built in” support for downloading from FTP sites, try using Filezilla or WS_FTP if you need to do that. Even just Opera or Firefox can probably do it. This functionality is gone
because the “Application Layer Gateway” service is gone, along with ALG.EXE that normally runs in Task Manager, taking up about 6Mb RAM for what amounts to no reason.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You cannot visit Windows Update with this version of Windows because Internet Explorer is removed. You can manually download updates from Microsoft and you can also use the alternative
“Windiz” Update website through Opera or Firefox. Because so much has been removed from this edition of Windows, you are not likely to be any more “safe” installing updates for Windows.
NOTE: Because this edition of Windows uses a patched “winlogon.exe” in order to remove the “oembios.bin” file, you really should not update Windows anyway, in case “winlogon.exe” gets replaced by an update. There are more details about this in the eXPerience folder on the desktop once MicroXP is installed.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Apart from you only being able to have the one account anyway (Administrator) the ability to do Fast User Switching is also removed.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Windows will not save stored passwords, however, this only really applied to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, which are removed. You will be fine using Firefox or Opera web rowsers and Thunderbird email client for emails. Those are self contained programs and take care of storing your passwords by themselves.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
When you insert a CD that would bring up a screen to install the program contained on the CD, this does not happen in this version of Windows, you will have to explore the CD manually and run whatever file it is that runs the program’s setup, usually “setup.exe” on the root of the CD. If the CD has a file called “AUTORUN.INF” then open that file and look at which .exe file is listed in “AUTORUN.INF”
* * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You cannot set programs, like AntiVirus or Hard Disk Defrag programs to run in the future IF they need the Scheduled Tasks service in Windows. If you are going to run those types of programs you will have to manually scan or defrag whenever it is convenient. Despite this, one program that will schedule its operations is Perfectdisk defrag, you do not need Task Scheduler for this program to run a scheduled defrag.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
There is no Remote Desktop in this version of Windows because the “Terminal Services” service is removed.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You cannot have the Luna (Blue/Olive/Silver) desktop theme in this version of Windows, the only theme you can choose is “Windows Classic” which it is already set to by default. You can however install “Windowblinds” if you want to and it will work fine, Windowblinds does not rely on the Themes service. You could even make MicroXP look like Vista with the “Ironjer” AeroGlass The Remix V4. Use v4 not v5 of that if you use it.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I always thought “UPS Service” delivered parcels but apparently not, if you have this type of device then it will not work on this version of Windows. A UPS is only used for emergencies like if you have a power cut – thats if you even have such a device.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You can still install and run just about all the programs and gamesthat you can run on a normal installation of XP. There is a text filein the eXPerience folder on the desktop that has a list of programsthat work and includes some that don’t work (not many). Even Office 2007 installs on this version of Windows
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Up to now, there has not been one single report of any game not working on MicroXP. Gaming is what this edition of Windows is all about, it gives better benchmarks than any other version of
Windows I have ever tested.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You can still use a Dial-Up connection (Broadband or old 56k modem). This is the one major flaw in other stripped out operating systems, a lot of UK users still use a modem with broadband… in this edition, RAS Dial-Up/PPPoE/DSL/ADSL connectivity is OK as well as old 56k modems. Yes, try this install on a Pentium II or even an old 486 might run it! They had 75Mhz processors and 8Mb RAM with 4Mb graphics cards.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
This installation already includes a basic web browser called “Browzar” that uses a few core files left from Internet Explorer. No, Internet Explorer is not included, but select files included in this installation that come from Internet Explorer are vital to running Windows. Its also Internet Explorer related files that allow you to open CHM files, which you can do in this edition of Windows. This “Browzar” web browser is only here so you can at least get online and download Firefox, Opera, Netscape or whatever browser you want. This not only saves space on this CD,
but you get to choose what web browser you want to use and you get the latest version not an old and possibly insecure version. Flash v9.0.124.0 for Firefox and Opera is included, so Google Video and YouTube work straight away in whichever browser you install.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
If you go to download for example, Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft’s downloads section, you will need to “validate” windows by running the “GenuineCheck.exe” file that Microsoft asks you to download as part of the “Windows Genuine Advantage” checks. Its fine to do this, don’t be scared of your key being blacklisted.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
You can install Windows Media Player 11 in this edition of Windows.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Once you have installed Opera, Firefox, Netscape or the browser of your choice, as long as you install Windows Media Player 11, you can stream Windows Media Videos from websites like the BBC’s News website, or anywhere that has WMV streams. This is possible because there are three DLL files added to the “Windows Media Player” folder in “Program Files”. Don’t worry, theres no Windows Media Player there, it only contains the vital DLL files for streaming compatibility in Firefox and Opera.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
If you install Opera or Firefox web browser(s) in this special “MicroXP” edition of Windows, you can go visit YouTube or Google Video without even having to install Flash Player. You can just
watch the videos right away.

Download Link:


Free Unlimited Hosting

June 28, 2008

hostultra only allows max file size of 1MB files.
hostultra does not allow .exe or .mp3

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