Season 4 Begins September 1

Fox has slightly revised its fall schedule. The new schedule has been pushed back a week and will start with Prison Break season 4’s two hour premiere on Labor Day, Monday, September 1. Additional premiere dates include:

Wednesday, September 3
8-10 Bones

Thursday, September 4
8-10 The Moment of Truth

Friday, September 5
8-10 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Saturday, September 6
8-8:30 Cops
8:30-9 Cops
9-10 America’s Most Wanted

Monday, September 8
8-9 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Tuesday, September 9
8-10 Fringe

Wednesday, September 10
9-9:30 ‘Til Death
9:30-10 Do Not Disturb

Thursday, September 11
9-10 Kitchen Nightmares

Friday, September 12
9-10 Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Sunday, September 28
8-8:30 The Simpsons
8:30-9 King of the Hill
9-9:30 Family Guy
9:30-10 American Dad


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